Transport Driving Policy


  • All our drivers shall possess appropriate valid driver’s license at all time.
  • They are able to read and interpret road-sign.
  • Refresher courses are provided on regular basis.
  • They shall wear prescribed spectacles where recommended by qualified medical practitioner.
  • The eye test conducted by DVLA during license renewal shall be deemed enough. A driver, may however, be requested to go for eye test where an officer have a cause to believe a driver may be having sight problem.
  • Drivers shall dressed neatly and always wear seat belt when driving. Under no circumstance shall a company driver drive a vehicle with slippers. Drivers shall carry out pre-trip-inspections before moving any vehicle. Mobile phones shall not be used when the vehicle is in motion.
  • They shall comply with all road-signs and speed limits and drive in a manner that shall not be considered “reckless”. Their driving behaviour shall be governed by that set by the National Highway Authority and the company
  • All maintenance and repairs must be carried out by the vehicle manufacturer’s representative and as per the manufacturer’s approved recommendation.ie every 5000km.

Speed limits are as follows:


Highway - 100km

Highway (Night) -80km

In Town- 50km

  • All drivers must have a daily vehicle check list as attached which must be checked by the transport officer or manager.
  • All drivers must remain seated with seat belts on and insist on passengers being seated with seat belts on before moving vehicles.
  • Vehicles must be locked with windows up whiles driving.
  • No answering of mobile phones by drivers whiles driving.
  • Drivers should not follow other vehicles closely (leave stopping distance)
  • Drivers should not take risks.
  • Vehicles shall under no circumstance whatsoever exceed the rated carry capacity.
  • Drivers should make sure that they always park their vehicles in a safe location with all doors locked and windows up.
  • The vehicle recovery team shall be called upon immediately a vehicle breaks down.
  • A two warning triangle shall be placed 30-50 metres from a broken down vehicle. The vehicle shall not stay on the road for more than six hours from the time the incident is reported to the company Vehicle Recovery Team.
  • All vehicles shall be certified roadworthy before being moved by a qualified and competent driver. All vehicles shall have:
  • Fire extinguisher (at least one 9 Kg ABC)
  • First aid kit
  • Warning triangle
  • Wheels with thread depth not less than 1.5 mm.
  • A spare wheel,
  • A set of tools including a jack, wheel spanners and extension bar.
  • A rotating beacon/flasher where required
  • Fluorescent jacket
  • Tracking devices
  • Drivers shall not drive continuously for more than four (4) hours without ample break. He/she shall park and rest for not less than fifteen (15) minutes before continuing with his/her journey. Drivers shall have adequate rest after his/her normal working hours.

This company uses a point system to screen employees who have poor driving records.

  • 3-5 points: Employee will receive a letter of reprimand.
  • 6-8 points: Employee will receive a letter of reprimand and be suspended without pay for one day and must successfully complete a driver improvement course.
  • 9-11 points: Employee will receive a letter of reprimand and be suspended without pay for two days and must successfully complete a driver improvement course.
  • 12 or more points: Employee will either be reassigned to a non-driving position if available, or, if a non-driving position is not available, the driver will be terminated. Before reinstatement to a driving position, the employee will be required to successfully complete a driver improvement course

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