Our Services

Atlas Rent A Car is a company that provides a wide range of transportation services across the length and breadth of Ghana on contract.Currently, Atlas Rent A Car provides the services listed below:

  1. Social Bussing: Atlas provides bus services to organizations, groups and individuals embarking on trips to any part of the country for business, pleasure and other ceremonial activities.
  2. Vehicle Rentals/Hiring: Atlas operates a range of efficient and reliable cross country vehicles for use by clients for short periods of time, usually ranging from a few days to one month. The objective of this service is to relieve our valued clients of the headache of vehicle maintenance and control of drivers to enable them focus on their core businesses.
  3. Fleet Management: Atlas currently is also involved with fleet management services where we at Atlas buy, owns and manages these vehicles for different types of companies ranging from Oil and Gas, mining, and telecommunication companies both locals and multinationals. The objective is to improve customer’s productivity by helping our client to focus on their core competencies. This service employs state of the art gadgets and resources to efficiently and effectively monitor and operate our fleet.
  4. Vehicle Maintenance: The Company has partnered well equipped workshop in Accra and Takoradi where all major maintenance works is undertaken. The company has a policy to train its staff on the major brands of vehicles it uses to service its clients. Atlas Vehicle maintenance service clients and customer in many ways all to ensure that client’s fleet are running smoothly with having in mind vehicle danger with respect to safety. This services ensures that clients;
    • Enable better maintenance planning
    • Save service managers’ time
    • Reduce vehicle maintenance costs
    • Minimize vehicle downtime
    • Avoid service interruptions
    • Retain vehicle resale value
    • Cut fuel costs
  5. Driver Management: Atlas Rent A Car provide comprehensive coverage for all aspects of managing the driver, including: (a) Driver data management including driver attributes, skills, licenses, etc (b) Driver absence management – vacations, holidays, sick leave, etc. For us at Atlas, Managing Employee Absence is Important and critical in the transport business (c) Driver availability management – shifts and schedules. (Timetables, shift schedules and break periods). (d) Compatibilities, assignment rules, preferences and their consideration in driver utilization. We currently run a shift system with Sinopec.


Atlas Rent A Car’s policy is to conduct all our business operations to best industry standards and to act socially responsible

Our aim is to exhibit high ethical standards with integrity in the communities where we work and to respect cultural, national and religious differences


To become the leading light in the car rental industry in Ghana and Beyond

To provide flawless transportation services and exceed customer expectation with committed and dedicated staff

To create a culture of excellence in our service delivery.


Contact With Us

Accra Office - Head Office

A361/20, 3rd Street, Dansoman Estates- Accra, P. O. Box 15339, Accra
Email : atlas_rentacar@yahoo.com
Mobile-: 0302-301081/027- 7555878/0202117122

Takoradi Office

65/6 wiawso road, Esikafo Ambantam no.2, P.O.Box Td 205, Takoradi
Mobile-: 031-2001320/0205337122/0277555878

Kumasi Office

H/No. Plt 14 Block 18 New Amakom
Mobile-: 0501496242/0501496243