Safety Policy


The Policy Statement was developed through a collaborative effort by ATLAS RENT-A-CAR management, H.S.S.E department. Periodic review of the Policy Statement of Commitment is the responsibility of the management of ATLAS, with input and advice from the H.S.S.E department. The ATLAS RENT-A-CAR H.S.S.E policy is shown below.


The management, Staff and contractors of ATLAS RENT-A-CAR are committed to achieving the highest level of performance in Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) management at all levels of the organization. Proactive individual involvement, personal responsibility, accountability and continual improvement are expected of all employees and contractors.

ATLAS RENT-A-CAR will take all reasonable and practical steps to create safe working conditions and strive to ensure accident-free workplace.

To ensure the realization of this policy, ATLAS shall:

  • Comply with all applicable Laws, regulations and standards.

  • Identify, assess and control our health, safety and environmental risks and security threats to ensure the integrity of our operations.

  • Provide necessary information, instruction, training and supervision to our staff and contractors to enable them perform their tasks competently, safely with due regard for the environment.

  • Promote a culture of reporting and investigating accidents, incidents and nears-misses and the sharing of lessons learned.

  • Establish and maintain safe places, safe systems of work and relevant safe work procedures.

  • Plan and prepare for effectively responding to potential emergencies.

  • Protect our personnel, physical assets, information and the company’s reputation from harm. We will strive for continual improvement by taking into account evolving new management practices, knowledge and technological developments in Health, Safety and Security and Environmental management.

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